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Superior Cake Makers and Bakers in Cheshire


Everything we do is perfection itself. Our cakes are mouth watering, succulent and flavoursome in every way. Clients come back time and time again and we GUARANTEE that you will not be disappointed when you choose from our fantastic range of cakes. Our cake making know how means that we can offer custom made cakes for almost any occasion.


If you are looking for cake for a birthday, wedding or special occasion, one that will be the centre piece of the celebration then we are the cake makers to talk to. Many cakes that are sold pre packed will spend a long time sitting on a shelf losing freshness and flavour. Our cakes are handmade and shipped on the same day to ensure a quality flavour and freshness that will leave you wanting more everytime.


Looking to reward a sales team or staff that have done a great job? You will always be remembered for our cakes and no doubt your staff will want more. Or maybe you want to impress family members or friends? No matter what your needs we have an answer for you when it comes to specialist cakes that stack up flavour, quality and freshness all in one mouth-watering "I WANT MORE" package.


Every cake is homemade by perfectionists. Every ingredient is checked for quality. Every cake is individually wrapped. Every cake is flavoursome. Every cake is quality guaranteed. Want More? Call us NOW for a friendly and informal chat on 0843 289 5194




Quality Cakes Delivered Every Time


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